The difference between a regular and dental Medical Supplement Plan

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Did you know Medicare does not cover dental services? Routine and basic dental procedures like fillings, cleaning, tooth extraction, dental plates etc, none are covered by Medicare and therefore you will have to pay full 100% of the charges. Medicare supplemental dental insurance is designed to take care of almost all your dental service requirements, making oral care easy and affordable. However, dental supplement Medicare plan is very different from the normal supplement insurance plan or the Medigap. A good research and understanding is must before choosing your dental insurance plan.

When you choose your medical supplement dental plan consider all the options and what each cover. Unlike Medigap, the dental supplement plan is not standardized; therefore, you have a wide list of choice and options. These may include filling dentures, root canal, yearly or half yearly cleaning, diagnostic tests and examinations, X-rays, veneers, caps and crowns etc. Some services like veneers and dentures 50% covered while some of the services have 100% cover. Each procedure has its own rates according to which the coverage can be chosen and planned.

Choose the insurance company that offers the most affordable rates. However, it is important to give the provider their due respect. Choose your provider wisely. Always go for reputed providers who are known for good customer service. They 

should be able to help you and guide you to make you understand the policies and what you might need and way me best suit you too. Choose the insurance provider who includes dentist in your area or the dentist who you visit.

Oral health is very important and equally expensive. One cannot neglect oral health care, and without a financial support, you may not be able to handle the towering dental.

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