The Danger of Wrong Diet

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Weight has become the problem of most people in this world. The most common solution people come up with when facing this situation is diet. Unfortunately, many people applying diet based on their interpretation rather than going to nutritionist. The effects are quite destructive to your health.

  1. Overeating

If you cut the calories from your food by cutting the large portion of your daily meal, then your body will react by sending starving signal to the brain. It will end up by you eating more than you are supposed to eat.

  1. Nausea and tired

There are some people who replace their daily meal with juices. They tend to avoid solid food and change it with liquid. The fact is there are nutrients ingredients in meals that you can not replace with juice. And it will only affect on tired and nausea because you lose the nutrient you need to boost your energy.

  1. Weight gain

If you applying the wrong diet method believe me, you won’t do this for a long time. As a result of your disappointment because the result different from your expected to be, you will eat more. And your weight will increase, even more than before.

So, it’s best that you go to nutritionist and consult your diet with them. Combine the diet program with exercise.

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