Standards for quality food

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We present some standards that can greatly improve the quality of food. But notice that these are recommendations and should be addressed without fanaticism or paranoia.

Feeding yourself is a social act and you do not want to be seen as a strange kind, correct?

Use these rules to your advantage and, first of all, use and abuse common sense!

– Do not mix salt and sugar in the same meal. So no desserts.

– Do not mix garlic with onion, or on different dishes, at the same meal.

– Avoid the use of mayonnaise, cream, butter and fats of animal origin and others that remain in solid state at room temperature.

– The butter can almost always be replaced with olive oil.

– Adopt spices: ginger, cloves, cinnamon, oregano, cumin, thyme, coriander, curry, nutmeg, cardamom, basil, parsley, chives …

– Eliminate aluminum cookware urgently. Adopt those of glass, iron, steel, clay, stone, etc. Avoid non-stick films: we still do not know if they are harmless.

The state of your dish can indicate the degree of cleanliness or dirt that the food has produced in your body. If the dish is so clean it does not need to be washed, your body will also be washed. If you need water and detergent to stay clean, imagine the state of your internal organs after the meal.

Have you thought of that?

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