Research Before Your Travel and Save Money

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Researching before traveling is vital. Go online, visit travel websites and consult more than one travel agent to get good deals. Pick up travel magazines and books like Lonely Planet that give you an extensive idea on the place, budget stays and attractions.

Here are some tips for your convenient travel.

  • If you’re sure of your traveling dates, book your tickets and accommodation in advance.
  • Explore options during off-season since discounts are higher.
  • Most advertisers quote air fare without the taxes. So while a discounted ticket to London may seem very attractive, remember that you also have to pay taxes above and beyond the ticket price.
  • Check what your accommodation package entails — breakfast and airport transfers are not always included.
  • Sight-seeing costs more than what people expect. For instance, the entry into Centosa Island in Singapore might be paid for, but you might have to pay for the attractions like the 4D cinema.
  • Avoid stopover expenses because you might end up spending more. Try to look for relatives’ or friends’ places to stay, as hotel charges are usually higher than you expect.
  • Your routine medicines should be a part of your kit, otherwise you might end up paying huge sums on doctor’s consultation fee. Even for your regular medication, particularly for drugs which are sedative in nature, carry a valid prescription with the seal and registration number of the doctor to avoid legal hassles.
  • If you’re holidaying with your family, consider teaming up with other friends or relatives to get attractive bulk deals.
  • Some European countries offer home-stays, which work out cheaper than hotels and offer a more enriching experience.

Above all this, never forget the benefits of traveling light – that will save you from lot of hassles.

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