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So Nike is essentially releasing the vapor fly elite to the general public for $275. But this time it’ll be in the form of the vapor fly at 4% or as it will be called the next percent.

This will be the third generation of this consumer level vapor flop and it will have big improvement. The current upper is flying it which I’m not the biggest fan of so I’m happy to see that the new one will incorporate a vapor weave upper this will help in making it secure.


But also breathable and more water-resistant. This shoe is stealing a lot of design cues from the vapor flowey especially the midsole. It gets 50% more zoomx and this is especially noticeable in the forefoot. This changes it to an 8 millimeter drop instead of an 11. It still has the carbon fiber plate and even with more cushion it’s still lighter than the vapor fly 4% decline in the outsole get some upgrades as well again it resembles that of the vapor fly elite.

But with some minor tweaks it now has more flex grooves and more grip this will help in wet conditions and for longer durability. So in conclusion the vapor flying next percent closes that gap between the they replied 4% and the vapor flight elite.

The shoe will be available to the public April 25th if you’re lucky enough to reserve a spot in the London Marathon otherwise it’ll be available through the Nike running April 28th.


So another shoe coming out that has a lot of hype behind it is the Zune fly 3.

To me the Zoom fly 3 looks like a mix between the zoom fly SP and the vapor fly next percent. The upper has major changes and now has an Achilles fin to help reduce pressure, it also has a secure looking cage that wraps around the laces to really keep your mid foot. In the upper material itself is new it looks very similar to the vapor flies vapor weave upper move into the midsole it’s the same yet very different.

What I mean by that is it’s full react foam with the carbon fiber plate like it was in the zoom fly flying it, but now like the next percent it adds more stack height to the forefoot also borrowed from the vapor fly. Is its outsole it covers most of the forefoot and two strips on the heel, but the vapor fly three appears to have more aggressive tread than the vapor fly next percent. That’s just my speculation so this guy will be coming in June 2019 for hopefully around that same 150-160 price range but I can’t confirm anything yet.


The next shoe I love the original of and that is the Pegasus turbo.

But one thing I did complain about was of minor annoyances with the upper luckily the peg turbo – or the Pegasus 36 turbo. Whatever is going to be called has a completely redesigned upper, it’s layered engineered mesh.

But you’ll notice that the racing stripe is gone allegedly ad has been replaced with an internal half sleeve bootie type, thing for secure and adapt both in a few other things appear to be missing from the upper as well the first is the fly wire and the second is the Achilles fin. Okay well technically the fit is still there but it’s a lot less extreme and it’s made out of a different material. Those are gonna be the main changes the Zoom X midsole with an outer react shell be the same as last year and the outsole will remain the same as well.

The peg turbo update is expected to release late summer early fall and around that August timeline for the same $180 price tag, of course there will be a lot more new nike shoes this year. But those were three really grabbed my attention and that I wanted to give you guys some insight on what to expect so that was a quick update.

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