Course of Self-Knowledge in Human Relations

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Self-knowledge is the result of the wisdom accumulated by our experiences and experiences with us, with the people closest to us and with society.

Human Relations is an integral part of life in society and a  business card  as we introduce ourselves and relate to others. 

Through the Techniques of the  DeRose Method , we learn to improve ourselves as people and to gradually incorporate into our lives the Concepts of this Cultural Proposal, aiming at an improvement in all areas of manifestation of the Human Being. In this way we refine our behavior and develop more and more Self-knowledge.

·  Self-knowledge: a walk to the end of life

·  Entropy of Nature: the scourge of the comfort zone

·  Human Relations: a manifestation of human behavior

·  Change: a component of life and a choice of transformation

·  Is it necessary to change? 

·  How to act after the change? 

·  Change of behavior and habits: a change of course

·  How to respect the other, without forcing their change

·  Happiness inside or outside us? 

·  Non-violence: avoiding discussions

·  Tools for generating harmony

·  Emotional re-programming

·  Relationship: learning through the other

·  Our learning in human relationships: personal and professional

·  Knowing what can happen

·  Reviewing what we do and how we can do something new or differ

·  Communication: the art of knowing how to listen and speak

·  The greater difficulties in relationship with others

·  How to apply self-knowledge in relation to others

·  Right and wrong: a point of view

·  Flexibility: openness of thought and acceptance of the new
It is very useful to put into practice in the day to day 🙂

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