Be Travelite: Benefits of Traveling Light

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  • Security: With Going light on your baggage greatly reduces the need to check baggage or entrust fellow travelers. There is much less risk of losing the baggage due to theft, damage, or mis-routing.
  • Economy: You eliminate extra baggage charges if there are any by your airlines. You need not to depend on taxis, limos and private commute but can easily take public transportation. If your baggage has wheels, you can even walk if the place to visit is pretty close-by. You don’t have to pay porters and the like to carry stuff around for you.
  • Mobility: This is the biggest advantage. You can arrive at airport right on time without worrying about time spent in carrying the luggage around. You can board trains, buses, coaches with ease. You won’t ever need about your missed connections, at least looking at your heavy luggage. This enable you to deal in a better way with delayed transportation. You will be among the first to leave the airport for your destination, while others wait for baggage delivery and long customs inspection queues. And you won’t feel compelled to take the first hotel room offered: you can comfortably walk down the street should the reception counter person quote an unreasonably high price. You will also be able to save money on airport car hire if you travel light as you will be able to choose a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle.
  • Time and Self Management: You have more time in hand, because packing takes little. You waste less energy in carrying light luggage. You know what you have, and where everything is. You are not one of those hapless people at the airport, with too much baggage and panicked expressions, worried that they have lost track of something, or left something behind.

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