Avoid 90% of conflicts!

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“The use of the apology can prevent up to 90% of the conflicts between friends and strangers. It just does not work so well between family members, but it still attenuates tensions a lot.

It should be used not only when you make a mistake, but also when others make them. Someone gives you a bump, you are sure it was the other’s fault, however, he says, “sorry.” The other will probably say the same. Or if he is convinced that it was your fault, he will say “it was nothing”.

There is no price to compensate for the health savings in the short and long term, provided by avoiding a confrontation, be it with strangers, with friends or with relatives.

So let’s proceed with a psychological re-education. You have learned that when others err, they have to apologize. Now it’s relearning: when you make a mistake, apologize and when others err, you ask too. “

“And how is the question of law and justice? How are you going to assume a guilt that is not yours?” “Would not that be a mere cowardly attitude?” “It definitely takes a lot of courage and dignity to take on your own guilt and many more, that of countless national saints and heroes, people with a high sense of humanitarian commitment to the point of sacrificing their own ego and sometimes even their lives. “

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