5 Different Mobile Apps For Sleeping At Night

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Only in the busy life does he understand the importance of sleeping, that after two days of exhausting labor, he cannot sleep at night. In order to survive in today’s competitive world, you must always be healthy, strong and alive. There is no alternative to sleep.

We usually go through two types of sleep –

3) Non-Rapid Eye Movement

2) Rapid Eye Movement.

At NREM we sleep deeply, which is very important for us. It is only during deep sleep that our short-lived memories become long-lasting memories. Moreover, deep sleep from baby to adult is also helpful in increasing their height and this is the time when new cells are born in our body and old cells are repaired.

When sleep is so necessary, we should also do some work for it. At present you will easily find many applications on your Android or iPhone that are specially designed for the sleepy people like you. Let’s discuss in detail the popular 5 applications.

Sleep Cycle

Google Play Rating: 4.5/5.0

We cross some cycles in our sleep. The first bike of any sleep is ‘light sleep’. When we dream, it moves to Rapid Eye Movement or REM. That is, your eyelids move frequently. If not uncommon, no one spends the whole night in deep sleep; we go through several steps in the middle of waking and each of these steps is usually 5 minutes. The 5-minute walk back home completes our 3-4 hours of sleep.

Sleep Cycle tries to capture this cycle of sleep by monitoring sound, vibration and movement of your body in bed at night. At each step our body movements change. This application takes into account what kind of movement you take.

This app wakes you up when you are in a sleepy state, so that you do not wake up suddenly. When you wake up deep, it takes a lot of time for your body to cope.

Hold the mobile microphone to your bed to catch the sound and movement. It also has some snooze or pause options. Its ‘Intelligent Snooze’ option automatically reduces snooze every time, which helps you to wake up slowly.


Google Play Rating: 4.3/5.0

These pizzas are a technologically unique slip application. Harry Potter celebrity writer J. Who Rowling himself uses this app. It uses two types of functions – an audible voice and some binaural bits or sounds. A binary word is a word that combines certain words of different frequencies. It will play two types of beats in your two ears and will continue with ‘Relaxing Voice-Over’.

There are two types of benefits –

1) Up to 1 billion words can be created in this app; As a result, your brain will never become accustomed to just one or two words

2) Scientists think that playing two different sounds in two ears increases the wave of your brain.

In the beginning this app was run on two separate systems. One was the Pizzas Energizer and the other Pizzas Slip. In the Energizer you can give a power nap or short sleep and complete a complete sleep on pizza slip. There are two working modules in the current Pizzz app. Just go to the settings to get a power nap or sleep all night.

In case of a power nap, the ‘relaxing voice’ will wake you up after a certain period of time. On the other hand, in the case of a slip, your app will play the alarm just in time for the normal alarm clock.

You can reduce the time and intensity of these words to your liking. It’s easy to run and many users commented that this app benefited.

Sleep Genius

Google Play Rating: 3.8/5.0

Sleep Genius is considered more scientific than any other app for sleep. It is said that this app is designed specifically for the sleep of NASA innovators. In other apps where your sleep pattern is captured by your body movements and various external components, the thing is more personal in Sleep Genius. Sound and vibration often do not catch mobile. In that case it is very natural for misinformation to fall into the pattern of sleep.

That’s why Sleep Genius will email you a Q&A episode every week. It will include questions about your sleep amount, quality of sleep, etc., which will help the app understand what kind of system you should use.

The kind of music you hear here is researched by neurologists. Your brain is trained by combining these types of sounds – neurosensory algorithms, Pink noise, multiband binaural beats, and psychoacoustic music. After 2-4 months of continuous listening, your brain will fall asleep in a particular sound, and then wake up with a special sound.

This app uses a ‘Revive Cycle Alarm’ feature to wake up. Here too, like other apps, it will be awakened at once without interruptions; However, the slip genius will give an alarm every 5 minutes and the sound intensity of the alarm will change every time.

On their website, Sleep Genius claims that the app made by them is a hundredth time, and they have designed their app using neuroscience or neuroscience. NASA has called the Sleep Genius app an emerging technology in its spinoff, the annual publication of technology and products.

Relax & Sleep Well: Hypnosis and Meditation

Google Play Rating: 4.3/5.0

If you just don’t have the words to work and feel you need meditation or meditation, the Relax and Sleep Well app will benefit you. It is already serving about 3 million people and is ranked number 1 in 5 countries.

The famous British hypnotist or hypnotist Glenn Harold designed this app and is the person whose voice is hypnotized.

Here you will find two free hypnosis features –

3) a full 20 minute hypnosis session, where Glenn’s hypnotic sounds can be heard with a quiet background music; And

2) 1 minute music of the Sulphagio scale. Sulfagio is a Greek ‘healing scale’; That is, by listening to these words our mental peace is achieved. You will need to upgrade your app with money to get the rest of Solfaggio.

Every sound here is recorded in the studio so the sound quality is very good. Moreover, background sound has been used specifically for each step. It can use different meditation packages for various problems – sleep, depression, discomfort, insomnia, overweight, weak self-confidence, drug addiction etc. There are different meditation packages, but not all of them are free. You will have to pay a subscription fee to get these features.


Google Play Rating: 4.5/5.0

This is a kind of ‘Lucid Dreaming App’. Lucid Dreaming is one of those dreams, when you know yourself sleeping and dreaming! Although this is not the case, it cannot be said exactly. Suppose you have a tendency to dream badly, or you don’t remember what you are dreaming about, or you want to remember your dreams, you can use Lucid Dreaming App. Although there are a variety of Lucid Dreaming apps in the store, Aoken has been the most popular among them.

Why? Because this app is so user-friendly. Not only is it a combination of some features, but it will also give you information and suggestions on how you can dream more carefully. This app will send you some notifications at any time of the day, called ‘Reality Check’. Those notifications will contain questions about whether you are sleeping or not.

When you really sleep at night, the same notification sounds again. By that word you will practically go to sleep in the dream country. Sounds incredible to hear? That’s not incredible, but it takes a long time to get used to – it’s also acknowledged by the makers of this app.

It also has a Dream Diary feature, which will direct you to write down your dream when you wake up. This feature is compatible with Google Cloud, so you can keep your dream records, even if you lose your phone. Also, the section called Achievement Feature will keep you informed of your progress.

If it ever gets bothersome, you can stop the process at any time, then start again from there.

Although it is not a sleeping app, a large number of people are using it. If you have nightmares because you are not asleep, then this app can help you a lot.


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