16 People Who Made The Internet Possible

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Find out about some of the online pioneers that helped to usher in the information age, enabling us to view this very page and billions more.

1. Father of the Internet

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn together made communication protocol switch TCP/IP. It is a language that one computer can read another computer and it is used for communicate between two computer.

2. Inventor of WWW

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee invented world wide web. First he wrote server and web client. Now he is working as a founder of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

3. Father of Email

Ray Tomlinson

Programmer Ray Tomlinson invented email system which is our daily essential thing. At first he thought that why we can not send message via machine. And first time he used the sign ‘@’ for using email.

4. The birth of eBooks


Michael Hart invented eBooks. He created Gutenberg what was the first online library in the world.

5. The First Email spam

Gary Thuerk

Spamming is an old marketing system. Gary Thuerk first send mass email about Digital’s new T-series of VAX systems to arpanet buyers. And that he realized that he was the first email spam sender in the world.

6. The First Emoticon


Scott Fahlman started making emoticon via ASCII. He thought why we could not share are emotion via message, and by thinking this he created emoticons. Now a days all time use emoticons in all messenger, social media and so many purpose.

7. Netscape Navigator

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen changed the system of internet browsing, at first he created Mosaic for browsing internet, now mosaic is known as Netscape Navigator. Marc Andreessen is a co-founder of Ning, and investor of Digg, Plazes and Twitter.

8. Internet Relay Chat, IRC

Jarkko Oikarinen

Jarkko Oikarinen first started online chat what was known by Internet Relay Chat or IRC. In 1991 when Iraq attacks Kuwait then IRC got more popularity because then all air media was closed and the last message was published by IRC.

9. First Worm Virus

Robert Tappan Morris

Worm virus is very popular in the virus world. It can cause any computer without entering that computer. Robert Tappan Morris invented worm virus what can cause you thousand of dollar.

10. Geocities

David Bohnett

This is David Bohnett. In 1994, John Rezner and David Bohnett made geocities. It had taken the place of big community in the world. But in 27 october 2009 it was closed.

11. Wikipedia

Ward Cunningham

I do not need to tell you about Wikipedia. you all know much more about Wikipedia from me. Ward Cunningham made Wikipedia to make an open information system, which helps you in some steps in your life.

12. Hotmail

Sabeer Bhatia

Sabeer Bhatia made Hotmail and sold it to Microsoft about 400$. He got the award Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998.

13. The Drudge Report

Matt Drudge

Matt Drudge established a news company name The Drudge Report. It gets popularity after publishing Monica Lewinsky scandal.

14. Google

Larry Page And Sergey Brin

Larry Page And Sergey Brin established Google. What will i say about Google, there is nothing to say about Google. You know everything what Google do for us everyday.

15. Microsoft

Bill Gates

Bill Gates established microsoft. he made combination between micro-computer and software. And after some time he made Graphical User Interface (GUI) what is know as Windows.

16. Apple

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs established apple to change the idea for using personal computer.

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