10 Mistake We Do Everyday In Our Tech Life

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Even decades ago, the number of Internet users worldwide was not so high. The extent and extent of Internet usage were also limited. So in those days, everyone who knew how to use the Internet, thought them very ‘smart’.

But today is the day. People from all walks of our society now use the Internet. But most people are using the Internet without any basic education in technology, especially online. So Internet access is no longer smartness. Instead of using the Internet, it is possible to prove yourself ‘nonsmart’ by making various mistakes online.


The funny thing is that these mistakes online are only made by so-called uneducated or illiterate people, but totally wrong. Many academically educated, and even highly educated people, can make many mistakes due to lack of sufficient knowledge of online affairs. There are some common mistakes that we all make in this article.

Believes In Luck On The Internet

The burden of finding people who could not receive millions of dollars to win a fake lottery on the Internet. Shortly afterward, some of the mail arrives in our inbox, and many of us become overwhelmed by the fact that they are real. We become so overwhelmed with the joy of receiving huge sums that our lost knowledge disappears. The simple fact is, “I didn’t participate in a lottery, so how did I get selected for the prize!” What is even more terrifying is that by entering such mail, we freely inform them of our various secrets, even bank details. As a result, the risk of being hacked into our bank account increased.

But with a little awareness, it is possible to get rid of such online fraud. That’s why all we have to do is open a new browser or tab instead of clicking on the link provided in the mail. Then you have to search by the name of the company whose mail came, as well as the word ‘scam’ or ‘review’. The chances are very strong that before us any other internet user has already written something online complaining about the company name. So there is no question that this stupid company is trapped.

However, sometimes it may be that the person from whom the mail came from seems to be real to us. Nor does Google have a complaint in his name. In that case we can enter the search on LinkedIn and enter the name of the person or his company. The Family Tree Now website is also helpful in finding information about a person.

Not To Emphasize Safety

Many of us do not give too much importance to the importance of ensuring our own safety online. For example: Although a website has two-factor authentication, many do not use it. The reasoning behind this is that if we use it to access that account with a new device or browser, we will have to go through extra steps, or set a new password.

It is true that it is time consuming to take additional steps or set a new password. But believe me, the benefits of this feature are relatively high even if it takes a while. This makes it possible to reduce the risk of our account being hacked to zero.

Shop Online While Alcoholic

It may seem strange to hear, but e-commerce sites such as Amazon ‘Drink Shopping’ earn an extra few billion dollars a month. The point is that a person may lose a lot of lost knowledge by drinking too much, and in that case he spends a lot of money online and orders something. It was too late by the time he got back to normal after getting drunk.

However, there are ways to get rid of it. It is possible to limit the amount of money spent on most bank accounts and credit cards. And whenever you spend more money than that, you’ll get a text message or a mail. Only after confirming that you really want to spend that amount will be deducted from your account. Another benefit is that even if someone else spends money with your credit or bank card, you will know right away, and that money cannot be spent without your approval.

Take Part In Various Entertaining Quizzes

This quiz “Know what you were born in the past” or “See what your future spouse will look like” often pops up in our social media newsfeeds, and naturally we are tempted to take part in these quizzes. We know very well that this is not true at all. But still, for the instant entertainment, we click on the link in the quiz. Thought, “What would happen to innocent entertainment!”

But no This is not innocent at all. Instead, we give away most of our social media secrets to these third-party applications, which they sell back to different advertisers at high prices. This is very simple. As we are taking part in these quizzes, they are asking us whether they will accept the information contained in our Facebook profile. We agree, so they are creating a new profile on their app with that information. So, we have more responsibility than Facebook’s responsibility for leaking our secrets.

Using Simple Or Permissible Passwords

A common problem for almost all of us is that we can’t remember our password. In fact, online, we often have to open accounts on new websites, and naturally it is not possible to remember all passwords. So what we do is set a simple password such as ‘123456’, ‘abcd1234’, ‘password’ and so on. Many people give the same password to all the websites. This makes it easier for the hacker to hack all the remaining accounts, even if one of our accounts is hacked.

There are two ways to get rid of such problems. First, we can use a free password generator online. There maybe our password is called ‘p6Us9temWz ​​# B’, which by no means can be guessed by anyone else. And second, since we can’t even remember such passwords, we can use a secure and reliable password manager, where all our account passwords will be stored securely.

Using Public WiFi Wherever

Who can use the WiFi for free or he will lose the chance! So wherever we get the opportunity to use free WiFi, we take advantage of that opportunity. But in this way, we fear the breach of privacy through the use of public WiFi, which could be an attack on the device used.

The easiest way to get rid of this is to use a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN creates an encrypted connection for each user through a secure server, which allows them to access the Internet without hiding it. VPN has been used in big business for a long time, and now security is a big question, and the trend of using VPN for personal work is increasing.

Fight With Someone Online

No one likes us to lose. Whether it’s offline or online. Whenever someone goes against us, we want to overcome him with the utmost effort. But when fighting a stranger online, for the most part, they are no longer limited to healthy competition. Once upon a time it reached a personal level, and the fight itself wasted a lot of valuable time, all the attention being spent on that fight.

But is there really any benefit in doing such a war with someone online, without the mere psychological satisfaction? But at one point the war also reached such a level of turmoil that even after winning there was no peace, but in the mind there was everlasting turmoil. So we should never give too much importance to these online battles. There is very little chance that we can change his mindset by fighting someone online. So what is the benefit of unnecessarily giving up the peace of one’s life?

Upload Photos Every Moment

Many of us like to upload pictures of every moment of our real life instantly online. But sometimes we get a little too stupid. Give us pictures of all the secretive and sensitive moments online, which can cause us danger later.

For example, a person uploaded a picture of himself sitting on a bar drinking on Facebook. It seemed to him, what else is there in such a loss. But no, there are disadvantages. Later, at one point, his divorce case arose in court, and then the picture was taken against him, showing a picture of his alcoholic condition. As a result, they had to pay huge sums of money.

Another worry is when parents give their pictures online without the child’s consent. Maybe the child is seven years old now, so he has not become as compliant. But after 20 years, when he is 25, what if he finds it embarrassing to have an image of himself seven years old online? And then what if he blames his parents for it? So every parent should keep in mind when uploading a picture of a child online, “Wouldn’t it make our children uncomfortable in the future?”

Reporting Every Moment With Status

Our other irony, one that could endanger us in the future, is: to state everything with what we are doing, where we are going, and where we are going. Yes, we love ourselves, and want to tell the world about our happiness. But we are not putting ourselves in danger through it?

For example, when you go on a tour, he tells you the news location with the status. On the other hand, no one in your house has come to know of a thief who has been following you for a long time. So she effortlessly vacated your vacant home in your absence.

The above example may seem surreal to many. But everyone will have a suggestion, instead of immediately sharing any information about the person’s life, a little bit more, after everything is over. It will be possible to avoid many undesirable events.

Being Doctor By Taking Information From Online

Well, I’ve been coughing for the past eight months. I searched online to find out what the symptoms were, and I discovered I was suffering from pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, heart disease, acidity and bronchitis. Because of all the symptoms of the disease that exists in me. And so I was terrified.

No, this is not a joke. Many of us have the tendency to become overwhelmed by learning about different diseases online, finding similarities with them. On the contrary, the image is also seen in many cases. Someone might be really sick, but looking around online, he found that his problems did not match with any disease symptoms. So she sat at home relaxed.

Both of these things are very harmful. Various diseases and medical articles are written online to make us aware. And they also mention, “If you have a similar problem, then seek immediate medical attention.” That is, those articles never claim to be 100 percent perfect. So we should never rely solely on articles found online. If only a doctor had taken a doctoral degree after reading some articles, a medical student would not want to pass the MBBS after years of trying. So reading the online article is fine as long as you are aware, but we still need to be at the door of the actual doctor for any physical problems.

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